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A lit menorah


Each week, our club features a new theme for an hour long meeting in a designated area coordinated with the school.
These themes will include topics such as kindness, respect, honesty, responsibility, compassion, sustainability & more (See
the attached chart "Jewish Values for growing outstanding children").

Through engaging activities, discussions, and games, our club members will learn how these principles can be applied in their daily lives and how they relate to it.


Some of the exciting activities that our club members can look forward to include: 

*Interactive games & crafts
*Jewish holidays celebration & events
*Communal Art projects that allow students to express themselves creatively

*Weekly Kabbalat Shabbat (welcoming the day of rest)
*Group discussions that encourage students to share their own experiences and perspectives

*Guest speakers from the local charity organizations & Jewish community who will share their knowledge and insights.

Jewish holy symbols laid out on a table
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