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Community initiation

Celebrating cultural diversity with an emphasis on Jewish principles & Israeli


This club program is designed to provide TK-5th grade students with a fun and
interactive way to learn about important Jewish principles while building lasting
friendships with their peers & providing community service throughout the school.

Helping your immediate community

As an important aspect of Judaism, we will be providing our club members with

various opportunities to give back to the community.

Celebration of Jewish holidays

Organizing events and activities that reflect the educational values and traditions
associated with each holiday through crafts & storytelling. Our club members will
have the opportunity to learn about the history and significance of each holiday

and participate in age-appropriate activities and celebrations.

Never-ending educational journey
A key component of Judaism.

We hope to instill in our club members a lifelong love of learning and a deep

appreciation for the ancient wisdom of Jewish principles.

This club program pilot developed at Woodlake elementary community charter by

the parents.

Its designed to be led & instructed by volunteers from the school community.
Together, we can create a vibrant and engaged community that celebrates and

supports the growth and development of our children.

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